Our Product Areas

Systems | Clean Technology

EEO Tech Operations GmbH offers systems to make use of polluting waste material and residual energy in an economically and ecologically efficient way.

Our systems are enabling our customers to comply with increasingly stringent environmental regulations and to run existing operations sustainably and economically.

Therefore, our systems make a valuable contribution to conserving resources and protecting the environment, nature and ecosystem.

Drive Technology | Power Generation

EEO Drives GmbH offers innovative drive technology.

As with our other products, we focus to provide energy efficient and high-performance solutions.
Innovative, future-proof technology provides considerable advantages in the area of high-speed application and generator operations.

Our technology enables our customers to unlock new scope for existing applications or to further improve current efficiency and performance.

Our Product Areas

EEO Tech Operations GmbH offers innovative solutions to improve efficient use of energy and resources.


EEO Drives GmbH offers innovative drive engineering.


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